How to Choose MP3 Player

Enjoy the audio in the current era of globalization is easy with so many choices. Various kinds of audio and media now available.Starting from Cassete, CD to MP3. For the latest audio formats written, now seems to have mushroomed. The audio lovers of this type are now no longer need to bother to bring a CD containing MP3-formatted songs. Because the market itself has marketed many media players that use memory in lieu of a CD.

But before you decide which MP3 player that would fit according to your needs, consider the first few tips are written below:

1. Quality

Select MP3 player factory output quality. Why? High-quality goods, will not make us regret in the future. And also do not need to look for a sophisticated MP3 player. Adjust to your needs and money in your pocket.

2. Memory Capacity

Generally, to play 1-minute song contains 1 megabyte (MB). So for a collection of songs duration 2 hours needed at least 120 MB of memory. Memory capacity is considered adequate is 128 MB. May be more, not less.

3. Player Connectible with additional memory and computer

Select MP3 player that can contain additional memory, additional memory is usually shaped Compact Flash, Memory Stick or Secure Digital.
Memory capacity also all kinds. Depending on needs. Then MP3 players are very close relations with both computers so that connections disconnected. This is done to download the song.

4. MP3 Players Existing USB or Firewire connection

Two types of connection is much faster than standard parallel connection with a computer. Thus, we can save much time when pindahin song.

5. Can receive FM radio broadcasts

If we are bored listen to a collection of songs in MP3, live pindahin wrote to the radio channel. There is also a player that can record and store radio broadcasts in MP3 format. Emang The price is a little bit expensive, but rather make a happy heart.

6. His Remote Control Watch

Sometimes we forget to try the remote control, because it concentrated on the function and the form player, but forget trying to comfort the remote. Many also who have purchased MP3 Player but the remote was not normal.

7. Note the type size and quality battery

Size is also important for us sometimes, because everyone has a favorite size. Some like big player and steady. But there is also a small player.

The final step and important! we check the quality of the batteries. Do not get because we feel dirugiin battery. Because the battery is not one item guaranteed. So mending a try first before regret. Okay.

Amazon is a great place to get a high quality Mp3 and what we want because the price is low and the cost of shipping is usually free.